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Expert Cleaning of All Specialty Rugs

Fine oriental rugs require expert care, precision, and the right cleaning products. Anything less could damage the delicate fibers, marring your rug’s appearance and shortening its life. At Green Gen Carpet Cleaning, we are experts in cleaning delicate, valuable oriental rugs and offer decades of experience and proven results.

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Green-Gen Carpet and Fine Rug Cleaning-Oriental Rug Cleaning
Green-Gen Carpet and Fine Rug Cleaning-Oriental Rug Cleaning

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Questions about rug types or whether we can clean your oriental rug? Get in touch. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs.

Our Process

Having your oriental rug professionally cleaned doesn’t have to be stressful. Our simple, direct process ensures outstanding results and your complete satisfaction.

• Get in touch with us to schedule your cleaning.
• We’ll inspect your rug and assess its condition.
• Based on our assessment, we’ll discuss a plan of action with you.
• Once you agree, we’ll take your rug for cleaning.
•After drying the rug, we work on individual stains to remove them most stains are colored and require special care to remove, and also do any detail work on the fringe.

•After all that we test your rug cleanliness with a microfiber mop with some solution on it to test if there’s still soil in the rug if so we redo the cleaning process to do a full cleaning job.

That’s it! Our process is simple and effective and ensures that you are always in the loop when it comes to your valuable rug.

Why Choose Green Gen Carpet Cleaning to Care for Your Oriental Rug?

Why choose us? We can think of plenty of reasons!

• Free Pickup/Drop-off: We come to you and never charge for pickup or drop-off of your rug.
• We’re Experts: We have decades of experience in oriental rug cleaning and care, so you can trust your valuable rug to our specialists.
• Committed to Customer Service: Our goal is your complete satisfaction and an experience that you’ll be happy to repeat.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation and we’ll be happy to discuss your oriental rug cleaning needs!

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